Community All Hands

This event is complete, please take a look at the recordings by clicking the link below

October 13/14 2022.


The Community All Hands is a 24-hour-long event that is created for you, our OpenExO Community to be updated, inspired, and connected.

This Q3 All Hands event is our most important one for the year. We highly recommend that you join the event, watch the updates live or watch the recordings, and connect with fellow community members both locally and around the globe.

The updates that we will be sharing during this all hand include:

1. We have a major update for the Platform, we have new team members that are moving us towards Web3 enablement. It is going to be important that you see this, you have an opportunity to share your thoughts and be a part of our collective future. We want to be able to engage our community more meaningfully and give you an opportunity to share how you are transforming the world and to be recognized for that.

2. We have news on EXOS, its migration to a new chain, its integration with the platform and important information coming ahead for all holders to ensure that they transition successfully.

3. The integration of ExO Works is complete and massive benefits are emerging. ExO Solutions being the division that is working with large organizations around the world, you would have seen that the opportunities in the Marketplace have increased, over $350k worth of opportunities have been posted in the Marketplace in the last 6 weeks. We have a healthy pipeline of sales and we are working more closely with those Ambassadors that are interested to drive more opportunities into the Marketplace.

4. Get to hear from current solutions projects exclusively at the event!

5. We are speaking with a few organizations for strategic partnerships that will bring more capabilities and opportunities to the marketplace for our members.

6. We are connecting with regional communities about localising ExO training and solutions offerings, this is in a Beta stage and we will be reaching out to more people. If this is something you want to see in your region then join the All Hands to share this

7. The ExO Builder team is currently in final discussions with a global foundation to fund a large startup program and have a few other very exciting updates.

8. The OpenExO Core team has seen some changes and we want to share with people who everyone is and what they do so that the community knows best how to engage.

9. We will have some book updates – We know that the new book has been a long process and we want to thank all those that have participated over the past 18 months, there will be some updates on this and other opportunities only available to attendees.

10. Get a chance to share when and where you want to have our next In-person ExO Summit for 2023.

A time to share and meet fellow community members

We now have 17000+ exponential thought leaders, innovation coaches, disruption specialists, startup founders and tech industry gurus gathered to transform the world for a better future. Join us at a time that suits you on the 28th/29th of September to get updates about OpenExO, our new research and opportunities that are coming up. We will have Salim Ismail, Kent Langley and many others in an interactive platform hosting Q&A sessions and this is a great opportunity for you to meet fellow community members.

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