Our Community Events

Take a look at all the events that are taking place across the globe.

Online events to transform the world for a better future.

Our Story

We Aim to Transform the World for a Better Future. This has culminated in the creation of the Global OpenExO Community. We believe this decade is going to be Exponential.

Join us on the Journey of a lifetime!



Main stage & Expo booths


Seminars sharing best practices


Digital entertainment


24 hour live event for global participation


Panel discussions with numerous topical and localized breakout sessions


Global networking and much more hands-on value

Why Attend the ExO World Events

Enjoy a truly virtual event in your own time, joining in on the discussions that most interest you

Gain Insights

Discuss the way forward with a global community, and come away with new ideas and strategies to transform the world.

Connect to Community

Spend time in our entirely virtual networking room having conversations with other exponential thinkers and doers from across the world. Find your similarities and collaborate

Have Fun!

Given the virtual nature of this event you can join at the times that suit you and have fun as you connect and collaborate with likeminded people from across the globe!

Speaker Hall of Fame

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Acclaimed Author, Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker & Wisdom Teacher

Esther Wojcicki

Author of Bestseller How to Raise Successful People and Co-Founder of Tract.app

Dr. Brenda Wade

World Renowned TV, Author, Psychologist, Relationship and Child Development Expert

Lily Safrani

Surviving the School Year Co-creator

CEO, ExO Speakers and Co-Founder of Camp Howland & Moms of the World

María Fernanda Espinosa

Former President, United Nations General Assembly

Jim Kwik

Your Brain & Memory Coach

John Mackey

Co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder, Mindvalley

Peter Diamandis

Abundance 360 / X Prize / Singularity University