Want to know
which are some of the exponential organizations in your country? what specific exponential attributes have they embraced? the specific actions they have been taking to outperform their peers?

The onset of the 21st century has witnessed not only accelerated change and disruption but also the emergence of a new breed of organizations that have revolutionized how to achieve superior performance benchmarks and grow significantly better than their peers.

In 2014, the seminal book titled EXPONENTIAL ORGANIZATIONS by SALIM ISMAIL was released to decode and share the secret sauce, the success formula behind such a radically better business performance.

As we all know, the book became one of the top-selling business books of all time. The book was rated as the top 5 Business Books by Fortune Magazine and further recognized as Frost & Sullivan’s GIL (Growth, Innovation, and Leadership) Book of the Year.

Being an Exponential Organization (ExO) calls for establishing a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and tapping into and managing the abundance of opportunities available by leveraging the ten additional exponential attributes of SCALE + IDEAS.

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Over the years, members of the OpenExO community (now 17,000+ strong, across 134 countries) have inspired and enabled many startups, scaleups, and incumbent organizations to embrace and embed the 11 exponential attributes – the success formulae. And we are proud of the sustainable impact we have made over the years through these exponential journeys.

On a time-to-time basis, we have been sharing these success stories through our case studies and articles to potentially inspire several others toward transforming the world for a better future. Our credo and MTP.

At the same time, our global community of certified consultants and coaches continuously scans for organizations in their respective geographies, across industries, and across sizes that exemplify exponential thinking and doing. And, when they come across one – we request them to briefly document the endeavours of that Exponential Organization.

With the support of our highly engaged community members, and as part of our goal of inspiring, igniting, and enabling exponential transformations – we now offer you the capability to take a look at these exponential organizations.

Gain insights into the best practices that different Exponential
Organizations have adopted and leveraged.

Through our research and financial performance analysis of the Fortune100 and Top100 organizations, we established that the companies implementing the ExO Success formula have delivered substantially better shareholder returns, revenue growth, profitability, and asset utilization.

Potentially, some or many of the practices of the Exponential Organizations being shared resonate with and inspire you.

So, whether you are an ExO coach and consultant OR a business leader of a startup or a scaleup or an incumbent organization – we believe that replicating or building further on these practices as appropriate (given your unique context) and deploying them in your organization should enable you to:

  • Improve business performance
  • Build agility and resilience
  • Thrive and be future-ready
  • Be the disruptor rather than being the disrupted

Gain insights into the best practices that different
Exponential Organizations have adopted and leveraged.