10X Your Company’s Growth

We use a highly-tuned methodology to help large organizations grow, based on an in-depth study of what powers exponentially growing companies, incubated through active coaching of your people, and supported by global adjacent sector experts.

Imagine if, In 10 Weeks, You Could:

Present your colleagues with 8 different initiatives that each require under $10 million investment over 2 years, then generate +$100 million value p.a.

  • Find cost cutting where no-one else thinks to look
  • Move away from highly commodified markets that are being disrupted to lucrative new ones
  • Boost your existing initiatives’ returns by 10X

Train your staff to become brilliant innovators

  • Who feel comfortable with uncertainty and ready to handle crises
  • Who continually co-design and validate ideas with customers and stakeholders to future-proof your business
  • Who can map out how exponentially-improving new technologies may benefit or harm your business
  • Remove obsolete work to free up time for creating growth strategies without the usual distractions

Adopt the business models powering the world’s fastest growing companies (Exponential Organizations)

  • Bring in purpose-driven profit making that thrills ESG investors

Navigate your “corporate immune system” to get 75% of your initiatives implemented with high returns

  • Align your people, reducing office politics
  • On average, our clients make a 70X return on the investment in our fee, their resourcing and initiative implementation.
    See our Case Studies.

Create a wave of morale and innovation excitement that shifts your corporate culture

  • Convert your Learning & Development unit from a cost to a profit center by combining training with creating actionable revenue streams
  • Engage with your employees, who will feel they have done the best project of their career and like they did an MBA in 10 weeks (tripling retention of your A-players and a key basis of promotions for sponsors and participants)

Learn how to progressively DIY the next times

  • Access a global network of 7,500 technologists, innovators and unicorn builders

What Results Can Your Company Expect?

Why A New Approach Is Crucial

In the past decade, $3.5 trillion has been wasted on failed corporate innovation, as +72% of those projects fail and companies get knotted in “spaghetti balls” of data and software that don’t produce timely, usable insights. Meanwhile, Big Tech has created $7 trillion in value. It is not sustainable for companies to keep copying and repeating the failing, outdated processes and killing morale.

We have proven how to copy the successes of Big Tech in traditional companies like yours. If you would like to test whether your company is set up to do so yet, feel free to do this quick survey. If not, we can quickly help you lead your company into an exciting future.

Real Results

More than 35% of ExO Solutions Sprint Alumni were promoted within two years of the ExO Sprint.

And retention rate is 3X high among ExO Sprint participants than industry benchmarks. One company promoted more than 50% of ExO Sprint participants within 2 years of the ExO Sprint.

Continued Growth and Satisfaction

One ExO Solutions client company was able to accomplish a 17X Growth in E-commerce revenue within 3 years of their ExO Sprint. Another ExO Solutions client has eight ExO projects on track to deliver either $50+ million in value or a 10X lift in customer satisfaction.

Two ExO Solutions clients doubled in value within four short years of finishing the ExO Sprint, including one Fortune 500 company.

Our clients have increased their overall values by over 10% on average and have seen a median increase of 34% in revenue within three years.

Tailored Services to Help you Lead Company Growth

In addition to our flagship 10-week ExO Sprints, these additional services may be better aligned for growing your business, or important add-ons:

Leading and Investing in 10X Transformations:
  • Executive or Board workshops on how to lead 10X growth
  • Access to a Confidante for your CEO or executives with the wisdom to guide innovation decisions and who can curate innovation services from a range of suppliers
  • Training for Product/Division Managers who need to become Portfolio Managers
  • Workshops for Investors on how to evaluate the exponential growth potential of businesses
  • One-on-one executive coaching for those who need to lead growth, change and innovation while avoiding day-to-day distractions
Creating 10X Initiatives, Skillsets and Mindsets Across Your Organization:
  • Innovation diagnostic to evaluate your current innovation pipeline and filter the best opportunities
  • Innovation Ideation and Mindset Workshops (from small groups to your entire staff, some of which are free)
  • Workshops to boost the returns of your existing projects
  • Coach training so that your people can run their own ExO Sprints
  • Consulting to design and implement 10X initiatives alongside your staff
  • Showcases on the impacts of disruptive technology
  • Workshops to define your company, project or personal Massive Transformative Purpose
Transforming alongside peer companies:
  • Ready-made innovation ecosystem access, so you don’t need to DIY
  • Free webinar covering practical innovation lessons and case studies from our clients and Exponential Organizations
  • Multi-organization Sprints and Workshops to solve broader stakeholder or industry challenges
  • Sprint Alumni networking, refresher courses and collaborations
  • Membership to a group of like-minded leaders and innovators for twice yearly intensive strategy development sessions
  • Membership of groups tasked with creating whole new industries that certain countries or regions can dominate

Read Our Books

Exponential Organizations Book

Start with Exponential Organizations 2.0

The new book is a massive update for 2023 and beyond, and will be a living, ever changing digital version, with regular updates.

Available on the Basic plan and higher.

Continue with Exponential Transformation

The playbook we use for running our
10-week ExO Sprints

Exponential Transformation Excerpts Downloads

Learn the foundations to develop your own ExO Sprint with this exclusive book summary.

Community Stories

Watch how communities are making an impact through their groups and events!

Exponential Transformation Guide

A Guide to leveraging the Exponential Attributes to build an organization that thrives in the 21st century.

Download your copy of the most innovative business transformation guide now!

Large Companies

The ExO Sprint is the Fastest Permanent Innovation & Culture Hack Possible. It is vital that you overcome your corporate immune system and build in Exponential Transformation. We have run many ExO Sprints within a number of Multinational organizations around the world coaching the teams to build amazing initiatives. This 10 week process is transformational and a flagship that every organization such as yours should do.

The 10 Week Sprint is a big ask and we therefore recommend that we map out a journey to this point, this journey will be tailored to you and may include training, workshops, certification for key staff, Advisor calls, Swarms and more.

Brands that trust our approach

"The ExO Sprint was a significant contributor to us doubling our revenue and tripling our profits within 3 years."

– Francisco Casanueva

Potential ExO Solutions

ExO 10 Week Sprint

Use the OpenExO Platform to run your own Sprint. The 10 week sprint process can be easily run using the OpenExO platform. All the tools required to do this are available to certified coaches. This 10 week program will take your organization 3 years ahead and is highly recommended!

Training & Certification

From the foundations of Exponential Organizations through to certified ExO Coaches, we can offer training solutions that ensure that your organization is keeping up to date with current technology and business practices that will allow you to leverage possibilities in an Exponential World.

ExO Speaker

Salim Ismail, Kent Langley, and several others are available for your boardroom, management retreat, or event to share the latest in their fields. The goal is to communicate how external industry disruption may affect the industry, the opportunities exponential technologies bring in the form of abundance, the difference between linear versus exponential thinking and how to take advantage of that abundance, by building exponential organizations.


These workshops allow a group of individuals to grasp a real understanding of the ExO Model and how to implement this in an organization. The Workshop includes theory and practical sessions that allow participants to walk away with tangible tools to drive exponential transformation.

ExO Swarm

Tap into our global ecosystem of emerging technology specialists and exponential thinkers for focused brainpower on your challenge. During a period of 60-120 minutes, up to 10 ecosystem members answer your questions. The questions can be about specific technologies, new business models or disruptive startups in a particular industry, etc. The interaction happens via our online platform and you maintain access after the ExO Swarm is complete to continue getting value from the generated content. All links and answers can be provided in a standalone report.

Advisory Calls

A one-hour call with an advisor of your choice around topics such as AI, Robotics, 3D Printing, experimentation, disruptive business models and others. Each call is recorded and given to you after its completion.

Small / Medium Companies

Your business has been moving along pretty smoothly, Covid hurt but you survived. You look at new technologies and feel that they are out of reach and you may have convinced yourself that you don’t need to worry or you have someone who is doing little by little to make you feel better. As an SME you can implement the ExO Model and leverage exponential technologies. We want you to go on the journey to becoming an ExO and you can.

  • PPredict the future by creating it
  • PNeutralize your organizational immune system
  • PChange your culture through personal and professional transformation
  • PFind the right business model that connects you to an economy of abundance than scarcity
  • PShift the mindset within your organization from efficiency-based thinking to a focus on innovation

Brands that trust our approach

Non Profits

Just as with a for profit organization you need to be leveraging technologies and Exponential Attributes in order to best serve your Massive Transformative Purpose! Together with our global community we can help you to:

  • PBuild a culture of Abundance
  • PDrive Exponential Thinking
  • PLeverage Exponential Attributes
  • PRemain relevant in the 21st Century


The way we currently govern is built on an 18th century world. We are missing so many opportunities and this is where our global community can help you. Contact us today to learn how you can:

  • PPredict the future by creating it
  • PBring your city/country into the 21st century
  • PChange your culture through personal and professional transformation
  • PConnect to an economy of abundance rather than scarcity
  • PShift the mindset within your government from efficiency-based thinking to a focus on innovation

“This initiative is a prime example of how public/private partnerships are beneficial to the community.”

– Carlos A. Gimenez, Mayor of Miami-Dade County

“We will turn Thailand into Exponential Thailand.”

– Prayut Chan-o-cha, Thailand Prime Minister

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