Organizations implementing the ExO Success formula have delivered
over 40x higher shareholder returns 2.6 better revenue growth 6.8x higher profitability and 11.7x better asset turnover.

Gain insights into the secrets that enabled these Fortune100 Exponential Organizations to significantly outperform their peers.

About the Report

The onset of the 21st century has witnessed not only accelerated change and disruption but also the emergence of a new breed of organizations that have revolutionized how to achieve superior performance benchmarks and grow significantly better than their peers.

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This version written by Silicon Valley legends Salim Ismail, Peter H. Diamandis, and Michael S. Malone together with more than 80 global OpenExO community members contains all new content from experiences gained in the 8 years since first publishing Exponential Organizations by advising some of the world’s most disruptive companies, research results, and never before revealed insights.

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Key Insights in the Report

This report provides insights into the few best and next practices adopted by these successful exponential organizations and learnings from the non-exponential organizations.

Fortunes Churn

The 8-year assessment period between 2014 -2021 witnessed a 23% churn rate amongst the Fortune100 organizations. The organizations that witnessed a significant drop in their ranks or fell out of the Fortune100 list were the non-exponentials.

Exponentials Thrive

Exponential Organizations were 1.8x and 2.2x more progressive than their bottom10 peers in building capabilities of flexibility and adaptability to succeed in the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

Immunity Not Guaranteed

Some industry icons and the top10 Exponential Organizations have not been able to sustain their superiority with respect to the different exponential attributes. Hence, they failed to deliver good business results.

Elephants can Dance

While realizing that shifting gears from being a linear to an exponential organization is not without hardships, some of the Fortune100 organizations stepped up. They started embracing exponential thinking and doing and reaped the benefits thereof.

The report concludes with five critical strategic choices and ten key aligned actions the top10 Exponential Organizations made and executed to emerge as winners.

These are essential lessons that any organization should heed to improve its business performance, especially in the ongoing disruptive and hyper-competitive era.

Learn from the Fortune100 organizations and embrace the Exponential Organizations (ExO) success formula – to thrive and be future-ready.

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